Monday, April 6, 2009

First off...hope everyone had a great weekend! I had a fun and relaxing one. I went with Beth, Chloe, Cam and Mike to see Brett Dennen in concert. He was very entertaining. And the opening artist AMAZING! From the first song, we were like who are these people? Where do we get their CD? Turned out to be a brother and sister from Australia named Angus and Julia Stone. Check out their music

Next, I worked on my Logan portrait today. It's coming along! Coloring is still off but still working on the layering. Progressed on some of the facial features with the mouth and shading of the nose. Have one more week to finish this one up!

Last but not least....My terrificly talented friend Maddie is doing free couple portraits for a chosen few!  Maybe you?! Check it out here. Yeah!!


Maddie said...

wow lee, that's really coming along! it looks great!

Jasmine said...

it's so cool to see the progression of your art project! very nice! and your nephew is adorable!

thanks for stopping by my blog today. so glad you found me! :)