Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm starting this blog as a place to post my wins and failures on my art journey. This first post is a work in progress piece for my watercolor class.

It's a portrait from a picture of my nephew, Logan.

So far, I'm pleased with the way it is coming along. I really am trying to push aside the fear of mucking it up and just go with the flow when it comes to adding and blending the colors. I am also going with bolder color choices and built up layers. More to come as the piece progresses!

PS.. Sorry about the horrible pics. Maddie...I need your help. Blah!


Courtney said...

Lee-- holy cow? Where did this come from? I can't even draw stick figures and I wish that was an exaggeration. So when do I get to commission you to do work???

Anonymous said...

You are soo talented! I love it!!!