Monday, May 4, 2009

Mosaic Monday

So now that this semester is over I want to do some fun things with the good 'ol blog starting with Mosaic Mondays! These are some of my favorite pics on Flickr. If you haven't checked out Flickr before, it's an awesome site where people upload and share their pictures. I could get lost for hours looking around...

1. Green apple, 2. Rust and Surf # 2, 3. Wooden type blocks at Fremont indoor Sunday market, 4. The walls are alive, 5. Queen, 6. My Eye.jpg, 7. of steps & falling water, 8. rain drops, 9. Lunar Eclipse (from Taipei), 10. une porte rouge, 11. underground symmetry II, 12. Lock, 13. Twists, Turns, 14. Kimochi. 6"x8". Ink, Graphite, Watercolor wash on Tea-Stained Paper. ©2009, 15. IMG_1744, 16. Marbles in water 3


The Peavler Duo said...

So pretty!

Maddie said...

so, number one, LOVE your mosaic, number two, you have to see this video, you will love it!

found it on the blog.

p.s. fish is doing well. sends his love. he'll see you in the a.m.