Monday, June 22, 2009

~{In the leafy tree tops?}~

These pictures are for Maddie's photo challenge about tree's.  Very fun!  I loved keepin' my eye out for interesting tree's.  Apparently, I'm in a sun flare phase...most of the pics I had taken were flarin'!  Maddie and I went up the canyon tonight and ended up wandering around in a photo taking haze.  It was great!  

Some of these pictures are from my backyard.  My mom is a gardening genius.  It is such a cool and relaxing place.  I love swinging in the hammock and having parties there.

These trees are slowly being grown over by ivy.  Very old trees...very cool.

Thanks Maddie for the challenge!  Look forward to the next one.

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McKenna said...

I hope it's ok that I 'linked you' on my photo challenge::


I really love the bird house image, and the last 2 images.