Friday, August 14, 2009

Perseids and Weekending

I have finally seen the Perseids like they needed to be seen! For years I've been trying to get anyone to go with me, outside of the city, in the dark dark dark, to see the meteor shower for reals! Last year was attempted but ended up in a large, empty, unevenly plowed field. The wind was blowing so hard and we gave into the cold before things got too good. But 2009, it finally happened!

The 2nd Annual Perseid Gathering was amazing!! We headed down to Little Sahara, about an hour and a half outside of Provo.

1. Little Sahara, Utah

We saw jack rabbits, mice and a HUGE snake on the drive down. It was the perfect temp outside and we got there just as the sun set. A campfire was built, a picnic dinner was eaten, and then we climbed to the top of a large sand dune. Laying on blankets in the warm sand was so comfortable. Off to the north we could see a summer storm...the lightning was spectacular. But the meteors...

I thought I had seen the meteor shower before. It was amazing! I saw an orange and purple fireball streak across the sky and break apart at one point. We had loads of fun and I'm excited for next year. If you have never seen should plan on it next year, too. Completely worth it.

1. Ancient Life of the Cosmos


* a softball game with chloe, sean and the gang

* a yard sale

(if you are in the Orem/Provo area, come by from 8-2 on saturday)

*District 9

*and a photo shoot with maddie e!

Have you got anything fun going on this weekend?


Anonymous said...

pretty much all the stuff you are doing and then camping and maybe the zoo? Maybe? cross your fingers!! i want to see the baby!

Lee S. said...

um, if they knew you, they would for sure let you see the baby!! crossin my fingers for ya!

Milly said...

Hello! Do you have an email address i can send info about the mix cd swap to?

Maddie said...

still so jealous :( i should have come with you.