Friday, September 25, 2009

Celebrating Quirky

I have lots of quirks. I mean a lot. A lot.

1. I sigh all the time. Sometimes it's a happy one. Sometimes a frustrated one. Sometimes I sigh sharp and quickly and it scares people.

2. If I could have my way...I would have music playing constantly in my life. Stuff I could always sing outloud too. Like when you are by yourself in the car. All day. I sometimes have to remind myself NOT to sing when listening to my ipod in public.

3. I generally like things lined up straight. Like items on my work desk .... or labels. Or stickers, post-its, etc. Or sugar packets at restaurants. I panic slightly when things are askew.

4. I tend to get overly excited about things. I can take obsession and passions to a ridiculous level. Whether its something new I want to learn or a new place to explore or music I love. Some of the lengths I've gone for certain things that we just won't talk about right now... In the last few years though, I have learned to reign it in a bit.

5. I make lists about EVERYTHING!!! At the end of the day I usually have to clean out my purse of all the folded lists I've made throughout the day. I have lists for new music to track down, what each of my days will consist of, which chores to do and in what priority, things I want to accomplish, things I would like to eventually purchase...I even have what is lovingly refered to as "The Shit List". Mean and stupid people end up on that list. I think this comes from being ADD and having to "empty my head" at night so I can sleep.

So there you go...Five of my quirks that I embrace. What quirks do you have that make you YOU?

PS  Have a great weekend!


Maddie said...

hehe oh lee. you are too funny with your quirks. i'm glad i get to witness them personally. my favorite, still, is your "chai face". i can always tell if you loved it or hated it right on the very first sip! :)

Gabbi said...

You're possibly my soul mate :) Very much relate to 1-4 and admire 5. I wish I did 5. My life would be more organized I think.