Thursday, October 22, 2009

{Wanna play?}

It's time for 20 questions!  Feel free to play along and link in the comments.

1. Show us the inside of something cute.

I like my room.  I think it's pretty cute :)

2. What's the last home cooking you had?

3. What do you miss?

Being a kid.. before you figure out what the world is really like.

4. What makes you laugh often?

5. What's your favorite word?

I have a few but we'll go with

6. What are you trying to quit?

Being so lazy!

7. What's your favorite commercial right now?

The kid with the bag of Halloween candy makes me laugh everytime!

8. Whose style do you dig?


9. Link to a great blog/website you've discovered lately.

10. What's the last craft you made?
paper mobiles!

11. A photo of the last happy mail you recieved.
I rarely get things in the mail but I have a yummy karma-filled LUSH order on its way!!

12. Something you've got lately?

This awesome poster from maddie e!

13. What are you looking forward to?


  And going to Thriller
If you haven't been, I highly recommend it :)

14. Post a recent snapshot of yourself.

Ridin' the lift at Sundance

15. Recent Favorite Movie?

500 Days of Summer

16. Something you're working on right now?
embroidering a totebag

17. If a movie were made about you, who would play you?

perhaps Sara Rue? i've always liked her

18. What gives you goosebumps?
Scary things :(

19. Share a new obsession.


20. What's the meaning of your life?
helping others and creating art


Maddie said...

oh i loved this lee! it makes me want to do one :) all of your pictures and answers are so pretty and sweet, and so YOU!

Anonymous said...

i love this post lee! i tried to comment lastnight but blogger was being a beeotch. so anyway, i am going to have to do this! i love it! your answers are so sweet, like maddie said! thanks for being so awesome. i am so glad we are friends :)

Anonymous said...

p.s. you have the cutest room in the WHOLE world.