Wednesday, January 19, 2011

{Round and Round}

Last August I went to a music festival in Denver, Colorado where I heard lots of fantastic music but I also saw this...

I watched a few people dancing with hula hoops and I was mesmerized. The way they could spin it around their bodies continuously in time to the music sparked something for me.
 I came home and immediately started researching hoop dancing.  There is a entire community out there!  I had no idea the things you could do with a hula hoop. 

 The next week I made my first hoop and how fun and oh, how frustrating!
I've never been able to hula hoop, even as a kid.  Could not keep that hula hoop a rockin'.  But you know what? I kept at it and within a few weeks I could not only keep up the hoop for minutes but could turn in circles and do a few tricks.  

I was hooked!
 It honestly has become quite the obsession with me.  I talk about it all the time. I hoop dance for hours a day and it never seems to be enough.   
The best part? I'm losing weight and having fun while I do it.  Who knew it was such great exercise? But yes!  It's awesome...
So for now, this blog will probably be more hooping and less art as I continue on this hooping journey.  I'm excited to see where this year takes me and what hooping has in store for me.

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Chloé said...

yay!! I am so happy that you started hooping! you are so good at it. You need to teach me your skills! Also? You look fantastic! yay for hooping!