Friday, April 8, 2011

{Inside the Hoop and Heads Will Roll}

This is Beth Lavinder and she is my favorite hoop dancer!   She has such grace and ease when she hoops.  It seems like she just instantly feels the flow.  And I love how when she drops the hoop, it's no big thang.  She picks it back up and dances on.  Beth inspires me to let go and just dance! I had the pleasure of meeting her at the HoopPath Deep Water Tour in Colorado earlier this year. She was so nice and made sure this orphan hooper felt welcomed and included.

In this video it's filmed from the perspective of inside the hoop. It has such a beautiful dream quality. Please be warned though if you get motion sickness, this video may not be for you ;)

And this is just one of my all time fav's...

Happy Weekending and Enjoy the Spin-

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Maddie said...

Her moves are beautiful :) and you're on your way to being JUST as talented Lee! Way to go for your dreams :)