Saturday, April 30, 2011

::Street Art::

I really like street art.  I know some would only qualify it as graffiti but I like how clever and beautiful it can make ordinary objects look.  These put a smile on my face.


The next four images are by Banksy

He is one of my favorite street artists.  
So much mystery surronds him and his pieces make you stop and think.

images via steetarutopia


Ela and Daniel Asisi said...

Did you see that documentary, "Exit Through the Gift Shop"? I found it so interesting! I want to make my way up to Main Street in Park City to see the Banksy art left a couple of years ago.

Lee S. said...

I did and it sure was interesting...that guy was crazy!! Or a genius. I can't decide. There's a Banksy in Park City? I must go see.

Darcy H. said...

google 'limpotu' he is amazing!