Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sustained Spinning & Spiral

Lately, during my daily practice, I have been gravitating towards a style of hooping called sustained spinning.  Sustained spinning is a technique where you constantly spin as you hoop.  I have been working on really smoothing and controlling my core hooping around waist, chest and knees.  I feel like I have lost a lot of core skills when I downsized to a smaller, lighter weight polypro.  And while it is great for off-body, breaks, reversals and folding, I tend to not do as much on body.  At first, sustained spinning can make you very dizzy and off balance.  The other night, I realized I hooped to a four-minute song almost continually spinning and was ectatic that I have built up the spinning stamina!  This is Spiral sustained spinning to Massive Attack's What Your Soul Sings.

We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars, the stars form a circle … and in the center, we dance. – Rumi

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