Friday, September 2, 2011

Pleasantville, Bliss, and Dancing with the Dark : Erin Sparrow

I love Erin's hoop dancing.  It's so graceful and precise, like a ballerina. 

Her silhouette videos are beautiful.

This slow motion video was so emotional and quickly became one of my favorites. 
Also, dancing in the rain?!  Awesome.

I am looking forward to the three day weekend! 
I am a week away from leaving to vend at Return to Roots (R2R) in Pennsylvania. 
I have so many projects to finish up.  I am excited and anxious to debut all the products Cally Chavez and I have been working on.  I will blog more about it next week and the weeks following while we are out on the road! 
 Have a happy hooping weekend!

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