Monday, February 13, 2012

{Daily photo challenge catch up: Days 9-12}

Yep, no surprise that I haven't uploaded the daily pics everyday.  
Here are the last five days:

Day 9:  Front Door

I have the most boring, ugly front door.  So here is a pic of my mom's cute red door all ready for Valentine's!

Day 10:  Self Portrait

Anyone that knows me knows how much I hate having my picture taken.  SO MUCH.  
This is good as it gets.  Sigh.

Day 11: Makes you happy

I love hooping.  Like a ridiculous amount.  Obsessively so.  
Dancing with a hoop makes me blissfully happy.  
(Obviously taken last summer, when there was sunshine and green grass.)

Day 12: Inside your closet

This is the nice looking part of my closet.  lol
The rest is a jumbly mess of clothing, hats, extra linens, etsy store products and shoes.

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