Thursday, May 31, 2012

James Vincent McMorrow | Early in the Morning

I am completely obsessed with James Vincent McMorrow's album Early in the Morning.  It's sweet and soulful!  James wrote the songs over 5 months while living isolated in a house by the sea in Ireland.

“This record was borne out of my desire to create something singular, take the simplest of chords, wrap them in washes of melody, so lines come in, they drop out, everything ebbs and flows as the songs move towards their inevitable end. I don’t sit down with an agenda when I write, I usually have a first line, and a vague sense in my head of where I’m going, but no real solid structure. Music tends to reveal itself to me over the course of weeks and months. It’s probably quite like sculpting, you have a chisel, you know what’s waiting for you inside the stone, all that’s left is to chip away the pieces and reveal it.”  -James via

It's been on repeat on my iPod for weeks.  
A few of my favorite songs are If I Had a Boat, We Don't Eat and Sparrow & the Wolf.
If you like the sound of Bon Iver, Ray LaMontagne or Sufjan Stevens, please check him out!

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