Tuesday, June 12, 2012

{Birthday Backpacking}

My brother, Landon, had his birthday on Friday.  He wanted to go on a backpacking trip, so we headed to Lily Lake. It is located in the northern part of Utah in the Uintah-Wasatch-Cache National Forest.  I've never been there before and it had dense tree filled forests, marshy meadows, lakes and rivers.  It was perfect place to go this time of year, not too hot for hiking and not too cold at night for sleeping.

This technically wasn't my first pack trip. I did one once when I was about 17, but didn't have to carry all of my supplies and gear with me.  It was a first though to wander into the forest, no path to follow, to find a camping spot.  I honestly wasn't in the best frame of mind to begin this trip but am glad I went with it.  By the time we stopped to set up camp I was glad to be outside, breathing the crisp air, and pushing my body's limits a bit.

We found a clearing that dipped below the aspen and pine that sheltered us perfectly from the winds that came breezing down the mountain.  It was just a small hike up the next hill to a beautiful view of the valley below.
I wish I had taken video of the wind so you could see the wind made the tree tops dance, sway and rustle.

Camp was set up and a fire quickly started as it faded to darkness.  I spent a lot of the evening playing around with my hoop practicing tosses, folding and warrior style grips.  
(Yes, the hoop went with me tied to the back of the pack!)

I spent the next day contemplating, journaling, and doing a bit of macro photography.  Isn't nature so cool?!  I love getting down close and seeing all the little details we usually pass by.

I ended up a bit sunburned, so tired and sore but think it was a perfect camp trip for my bro's birthday!


chloé said...

these pictures are awesome lee! so glad that you had fun! sorry you got sunburned though!:(

Maddie said...

The macro pics are so dreamy! :) I'm excited to see the print you're going to make!