Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Weekending | Perseid Meteor Shower 2012

David Kingham Photography: Nightscapes  Snowy Range Perseids
Composite photo of 23 images of the 2012 Perseid Meteor Shower over Snowy Range in Wyoming by David Kingham

This years Perseid meteor shower was spectacular! 
 I couldn't have asked for more perfect conditions. 
My brothers and friends headed down to the Little Sahara sand dunes to watch.

The temperature was pleasantly warm with a slight breeze.  After a tasty camp dinner of sandwiches, fruits and veggies, we played a game of bocce ball until it was too dark to see.
We then climbed with our gear to the top of the dunes for an amazing view 
of the valley and skies.  
I spent some time practicing poi and did some hoop dancing.  Hooping in soft sand, made turns and jumps harder than I was used to.
As the night went on more and more meteors began to fall.
  Brilliant streaks of light across the star splattered darkness.
I drifted in and out of sleep atop the dune, waking sometime in the night to find a large amber colored crescent moon rising over the horizon.
Seeing this meteor shower every year is one of my favorite things
 I hope to continue to see them for years to come.

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Staci T said...

Absolutly beautiful:)