Tuesday, June 26, 2012

{Looking Back | HoopPath 5: For the Love}

Last year at this time I was returning from a magical experience!  I attended HoopPath, a yearly retreat that incorporates hooping workshops, gatherings, and a fire ceremony in Carborro, North Carolina.
This upcoming weekend is HoopPath 6 and I am very sad to not be joining my hoop tribe.

         "The HoopPath is a hoopdance curriculum founded by master hooper Jonathan Baxter.  The HoopPath method stands out in this new, dynamic movement modality as a unique blend of rigourous technique and deep introspection."  -via www.hooppath.com.

 I came upon HoopPath (HP) very early into my hoop journey.  This type of hooping has such a personal, spiritually level to it for me in improving and expanding my hoop dance.  So when I learned of the retreat, I jumped at the chance.  Before I'd even arrived there, I had made new friends online!  It was exciting to meet up with hoopers from all over the country, to meet the local HP tribe and to immerse myself in this hobby that has become such an intricate part of who I am.   

Going back through my notes, photos and journaling during the trip, I was immediately transported me back to the previous year.  The opening/welcoming dinner that first evening and  hearing what was in store for the weekend from our instructors:  Bax, Ann, Khan & Rich.  

Meeting and rooming with these three lovely  ladies:  Cally from Wyoming, Jane from Florida 
& Kaydi from Indiana.
We had a lot of fun together and still keep in contact.

The poolside party, with Meagan from Pennsylvania and dancing at the bar with Ria from New York.

The morning guided meditation of soothing music and introspective words. 

 "It's [hooping] an inward journey that starts with an outward expression of love."
                                    -Jonathan Baxter

Our transportation, the bass thumping, neon lit "pimp bus".  A cool bus driver and LOTS of dancing.  
Yes, dancing on the way to more dancing!

                                                                                       photo credit:  Kaydi McMahan

The workshops that were exhausting, enlightening, and energizing. Incorporating the theme "For The Love" into authentic movement.  Remembering that you either move towards fear or love.
Learning to be vulnerable, to be present, to get over yourself and to be authentic.
Your authenticity can be a gift.

photo credit: Kaydi McMahan

The evening at Beth's home, meeting in her meadow and dance barn.

hippies sign photo credit: Kaydi McMahan

The bonfire, the kava blessing, the sharing amongst our colorful mini tribes, 
dancing to live drums into the darkness, and learning to fire hoop.

fire hoop pic credit: Marta Sasinowska 

Hoop Church.

video credit: Shon Nelson

All culminating to the Hooper's Ball, dressing up fancy, dance off's and collaborations.
Staying up all night waiting for everyone to depart back home, one by one.

photo credit: Kaydi McMahan

This trip reaffirmed the importance of hooping to me.  The journey of self healing, self awareness and self expression that the little plastic hoop has and continues to take me on.  
I am so grateful that it came into my life and to the friends and teachers that I have met along the way.
I am sad that I won't get to be a part of the experiences happening this year but know I will be there in spirit and hope to reconnect at the next HoopPath event!

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sad you don't get to go this year!

Maybe you can make work for next year!!!