Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rich Porter | Pink Moon

Rich Porter is an amazing hooper from San Francisco, California.


He experimented with different hooping types that helped pave the way for the poly pro tubing we love today.  Using the lighter weight tubing helped Rich perfect his iso techinques:  isopops, isobreaks and reversals.

As an architect, he says he imagines drawing and tracing geometric shapes with the hoops.  Very cool! And at a very high speed!  Back in 2011, he and Spiral put together a fantastic DVD, called Hoop Technique that features beautiful hooping demos and instructional walk throughs.  He teaches workshops all over the world and is a three time Hoopie Award winner - 2010 Male Hooper of the Year, 2010 Photo of the Year, 2011 Instructor of the Year.

Check out more from Rich on his YouTube channel.

Also, this weekend, if you are in the Utah or Salt Lake City county area, you should come to Brewvies on Saturday at 3 pm for The Hooping Life screening!  It's a documentary all about hooping (it features my hoop sensei, Baxter!)  There will be hoop performances, prizes and 2 LED hoop giveaways!!!  Should be lots of fun.  I'll be there with friends :)  More information here.  Let me tell you, I am SO excited to see this!  Come see what hooping is all about :)

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